Resource Allocation

Keep track of each penny you spend on cloud


Unable to track untagged resources across your entire cloud infrastructure? Centilytics would know.

Our resource allocation module identifies all the resources not following the tagging convention configured for your cloud infrastructure; allowing you to ensure 100% cost allocation.

Even if you don’t set up a convention in Centilytics, we still point out the untagged resources as warnings. If your cloud allows you to tag it, we make sure you did.

Deep down, when you know something doesn’t add up to with what you are spending on your cloud, you need to figure out what is causing these spiky surprises in your cloud bills.

Our advanced tag-based reports split your costs incurred by each and every resource tag against the very services responsible for it. Simply select the tag(s) from our “Cost Allocation By Tags” filter, you wish to see the detailed cost associated with.


Aligning your cloud resources with your ecosystem is the most important stipulation in order to take control of the cloud sprawl.

But, your cloud with over 300 taggable resources makes it virtually impossible to keep your entire infrastructure compliant without some sort of automation for resource and cost allocation. Centilytics gives you the solution to track your every resource at tag-level and ensures complete accuracy in your cost allocation.

See your last month’s expense, current month’s expense and also the expense summary over this quarter.
Customize and explore deeper insights in your cloud billing with an advanced set of filters.
Interactive pie charts that fragment your total costs by the percentage share and actual incurred cost of each service, instance, etc.
Create custom dashboards for all your business roles such as CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and more.

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