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Are you doing justice when your whole lot of resource purchase goes in waste without even utilizing 30% of the total?

Reserved Instances (RI) are a great option to reduce your cloud bill and maximize your savings. But, bad RI decisions can cost you big time. Centilytics helps you in exploring the cost incurred due to instances running across your infrastructure and provides recommendations on which instance to reserve, purchase or upgrade if used extensively.

While we identify the instances and cloud services that are just the right candidates for reservations, spot purchases & modifications, you pay the lowest rate possible. Hourly, monthly and quarterly comparison of what you are currently spending against the savings you can make with our recommended break even analysis.

Centilytics provides detailed insights into your current resource utilization and recommendations on how your resources should be purchased and utilized. The utilization tracker also gives you a real-time overview of your CPU and memory consumption. Stay on the right track with our effective assessment of your cloud utilization and resource efficiency.

Recommendations that help you identify underutilized resources and settle on an effective decision of either vertically adjusting those resources allotted to the instance or releasing them.

Leveraging these insightful data, one can fine-tune the resources by upgrading or downgrading in order to make data-driven decisions. We help you choose the right instance type for your workloads and keep its utilization above 80% to get the most out of your application running in the cloud.

Gain valuable insights into the wastage rate of your resources and cut some dollars from the cloud bills. Our “Wastage Tracker” helps you put your resources to work and make the most out of them. You will know whether your resources are keeping up with average sustained utilization or turning into a total wastage.


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Cost Optimization


Your cloud resources can easily turn into an investment disaster if not utilized, managed and planned properly. Provisioning of the correct resources for your workloads is important to maintain the right balance across your existing cloud infrastructure and meet the exact requirements of your business.

Avoid under and overutilization of your resources with our actionable insights and relevant recommendations on how to better optimize your resource utilization, purchases and reduce the wastage rate. Bend your cloud towards much more viable costs with resource utilization at its optimum.

A quick snapshot of your last month’s, current month’s expense, and also the expense summary over this quarter.
Customize and explore deeper insights in your cloud billing with an advanced set of filters.
Time series insights that not just give you smart visualizations for the cloud costs but also tell you the cost spikes and leaks at hourly-level granularity.
Create custom dashboards for all your business roles such as CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and more.

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