Governance and Reporting


Stay one step ahead with our predictive model of anomaly detection that discovers deviations from the usual fashion of trends in your cloud consumption and costs incurred. Control your maximum, minimum, and average sum of cloud spend over every little detail. Get notified via email when your set budget is breached and do not conform to an expected pattern.

Centilytics makes it a click-click process for you to detect and regulate anomalies quickly. Set and share your custom alerts based on cloud regions, services, account IDs, and resource tags in use.

Visualize your data with an hourly-level granularity to better understand your cloud consumption and infrastructure.

Even an idle resource or the tiniest detail of your infrastructure left un-noticed could be the cause of your cost spikes. Our cloud management platform allows you to aggregate your cloud insights and drill down your costs by hours for any desired date range.

To ensure availability of resources, AWS has defined some default limits for certain aspects of their services against each AWS account. Each limit is region-specific.

Avoid exceeding those service limits while developing or scaling your applications with our Service Limits checks that give you actionable insights and warnings on your service usage and limits before they breach. We analyze your cloud environment, monitors for service usage that is more than 80% of the service limit and provides best practice recommendations for increasing limits.

No more of tedious pivot tables and complex spreadsheets. Centilytics provides interactive graphical and tabular reports across multiple dimensions, time series, accounts, departments, teams, clouds, or a custom blend of these. Our integrated reporting helps you evaluate your hybrid infrastructure activities and gain a detailed understanding of the entire cloud spend, consumption, and wastage.

Custom reports and alerts by resource tags, services, regions, blended-unblended costs. Multi-account Reports that are easy to save, schedule, share and download in Excel, CSV, and PDF formats. Get over 500 automated reports right in your mailbox


As your cloud or hybrid environment continue to scale, losing track of all the bits & parts running across your infrastructure is quite easy. Centilytics enables agile policy management and gears you up to carry out standard cloud operations with sheer ease. We identify the inefficiencies in your cloud that slow your business down and help you fix your cost leaks to accelerates results.

Our cloud governance piece ensures that your cloud implementation aligns with policies that keep your business strategies and priorities perfectly stratified and intact. Drive cost efficiency and governance across your entire cloud infrastructure with complete visibility and AI-driven features like Anomaly Detection, Cost Projection, Integrated Reports, and Service Limits.

A quick snapshot of your last month’s, current month’s expense, and also the expense summary over this quarter.
Customize and explore deeper insights in your cloud billing with an advanced set of filters.
Time series insights that not just give you smart visualizations for the cloud costs but also tell you the cost spikes and leaks at hourly-level granularity.
Create custom dashboards for all your business roles such as CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and more.

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