Cloud Visibility


Centilytics acts as a single pane of glass for your entire infrastructure to better analyze, manage, and optimize your environment. Gain a consolidated view and complete transparency in order to understand how everything across your cloud works together.

Now, make more informed decisions with role-based visibility and customizable dashboards for your CTOs, CFOs, CIOs. Get a personalized view of the cloud data that makes sense to your team and you.

Always stay on budget with accurate and in-depth analytics on your cloud consumption. Detailed insights on cloud services that give you a complete understanding of “what”, “where” and “who” is causing your costs to sky-rocket.

Get a regional breakdown of your cloud workloads and their expenses. No longer are global workloads difficult to visualize and manage.

Data transfer could contribute upwards of 30% of your cloud cost. How much do you pay for data transfer? Can you attribute the cost to specific workloads and environments?

Get detailed insights and in-depth analysis of where your data travels. Know what workload is sending out the data and what workload contributes to what percentage of this expense.

Centilytics enables you to consolidate the cost and usage of each one of your accounts & subscriptions including multiple-linked as well as standalone accounts at one sweet spot.

Give your teams visibility of their workloads without giving up admin and billing permissions. Let each team get comprehensive insights into each one of their workloads by services, regions, resource tags and more.

Run the cloud on your own terms and glean desired cloud insights through an advanced set of filters. Slice and dice your cloud expenses by accounts, services, resource tags, regions and more on a single dashboard.

Select the date range of your choice for any account you wish to analyze. Pick tags to understand your specific environment running under a specific cost center. Not just that, you can also set up your preferred currency and time zone to eliminate any scope of errors.




Cloud Services




Centilytics processes gigabytes of your data, identifying deep cost and usage correlations that the human eye cannot identify.

Visualize every dollar spent across your multiple clouds from our all-in-one cloud management platform. Gain a comprehensive understanding of each one of your accounts & subscriptions by looking into each service, region, resource tag and much more.

We create role-based interactive insights making it easy to share the appropriate information with all the stakeholders in your company. We take the ownership away from one individual and allow each team to be accountable for their own cost and resources.

A quick snapshot of your last month’s, current month’s expense, and also the expense summary over this quarter.
Customize and explore deeper insights in your cloud billing with an advanced set of filters.
Time series insights that not just give you smart visualizations for the cloud costs but also tell you the cost spikes and leaks at hourly-level granularity.
Create custom dashboards for all your business roles such as CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and more.

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