Governance and Reporting



As your cloud or hybrid environment continues to scale, losing track across your infrastructure is quite easy. Centilytics enables agile policy management and gears you up to carry out complicated cloud operations with great ease. We identify the inefficiencies in your cloud that slow your business down and help you fix your cost leaks to accelerate results.

Our cloud governance module ensures that your cloud implementation aligns with policies that keep your business strategies and priorities perfectly stratified and intact. Drive cost efficiency and governance across your entire cloud infrastructure with complete visibility and AI-driven features like Anomaly Detection, Cost Projection, Integrated Reports, and Service Limits.

+A quick snapshot of your last month’s, current month’s expense, and also the expense summary over this quarter. +Time series insights that not just give you smart visualizations for the cloud costs but also tell you the cost spikes and leaks at hourly-level granularity. +Customize and explore deeper insights in your cloud billing with an advanced set of filters. +Create custom dashboards for all your business roles such as CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and more.

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