Visibility & Governance

Monitor your AWS monthly billing and usage trends with hourly-level granularity. Centilytics delivers deep, actionable insights on your cloud consumption in a single pane of glass.
Service Usage Analysis
Billing Trends
Data Transfer Analysis
Multi-Account Billing Insights

Automated Budgeting & Reporting

Automated reports that give you detailed understanding of your entire cloud spend, cost spikes, resource utilization and wastage. Get custom budget alerts by Services, Regions, Accounts, Resource Tags, Blended & Unblended Costs.
Advanced “Cost Allocation By Tags” Reports
Save, Schedule, and Share Reports on Custom Recurrence
Multi-Account Reports
Customizable Budget Alert Recurrence


Resource Optimization

Get useful recommendations on your RI purchases & wastage, underutilized resources and utilization strategies. A high-resolution lens to choose the right instance type for your workloads.
RI Planner
RI Wastage Tracker
Resource Wastage Tracker

Compliance Recommendations

Drive cost efficiency and achieve compliance across your cloud infrastructure with 360° visibility, health checks and recommendations. Keep your cloud healthy with “Health Inspector”
Security Audit
Performance Optimizer
Fault Tolerance


Cloud optimization

Rightsize your AWS resource usage and eliminate the wastage with proper planning. Centilytics deeply analyzes your AWS usage at the resource level and gives cost-effective recommendations for resource management. Get tips on best practices that can save you more.


Custom Spend Alerts
Spend Alerts by Services, Regions, Accounts & Resource Tags
Customizable Alert Recurrence


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