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Witnessing a rapid increase in the adoption of multi and hybrid clouds within organizations, an idea was born to build a gateway that helps these organizations connect, analyze and manage all their clouds within a single pane of glass.
Centilytics started off very young as a summer experiment from the ground up, with cloud cost management as the main focus. Designed and developed by a four-person core team in the early 2017, the entire SaaS platform was up & running in approximately four months. Ever since, we have been passionate about keeping companies abeam of what they are spending in the cloud as much as where exactly they are spending.
This was possible only because of the belief & dedication shared by all the team members. Eventually, with strong support and seed funding from a global MSP, what was earlier just an insightful platform that could tell your cloud costs incurred is now a complete cloud management platform.

About Centilytics
Cloud Agnostic

Currently supporting AWS & Azure, with a plan of introducing Google Cloud in near future


Cloud Consumption

Current amount under billing

Stanford University’s Accelerator Program Winter 2018


Having a high-resolution lens that gives you complete and granular visibility into your ever-changing cost and usage of the Cloud is the cornerstone of making cost-efficient decisions. Knowing how to control your cloud costs becomes a breeze when the right data comes together in a single dashboard.

Centilytics is a cloud management platform, which helps organizations using public clouds to manage, secure, and optimize their entire cloud under one roof. It builds a meaningful picture of all your cloud expenses and breaks down the complex cloud billing into actionable insights.

We enable organizations with:

  • 360-degree visibility of their cloud spend and utilization
  • Optimization typically up to 20% in the first 3 months
  • Security & Compliance Recommendations
Currently, our platform supports AWS and Azure with a plan of introducing Google in near future. We are a Silicon Valley-based company, managing over 10 million dollars of consumption across all our customers so far.

Our People

We truly believe in the transformative power of every individual; where innovation meets technology.

Aditya Garg

CEO & Founder

Aditya is the CEO & Founder at Centilytics with an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and Masters in Computer Science at Stanford. Between Centilytics and studies, he likes to hang out with friends and catch the latest movies.

Shruti Agnihotri

Product Manager

Shruti leads the product management team at Centilytics where she is responsible for product development and unlocking the new potential of Centilytics to ensure quality customer experience. Her focus equally lays upon maintaining customer relations and value creation. She is a dynamic leader that brings great enthusiasm & energy to the team. She likes reading and exploring new places.

Henry Wilkinson

Project Manager

Henry is the Project Manager at Centilytics. Passionate about scalable backend architectures and data acquisition, he currently leads our engineering team and is responsible for Centilytics’ underlying technology and architecture of the product portfolio. He has a flair for problem solving and understanding emerging technologies.

Najmul Hoque

Head, Strategic Alliances

Najmul drives the global marketing communications and strategic vision for Centilytics. He is responsible for establishing market strategies and strives for perfection in every element that showcases our product face. He is an MBA from FORE School of Management, New Delhi – India.
Minimalistic design, good aesthetics & innovative ideas give him a rush.

Monali Ghosh

Marketing Specialist

Monali leads our team of marketing and creative professionals focused on strengthening the Centilytics brand across the marketplace and making its presence globally. She is responsible for product branding, advertising and market research, content and digital marketing, social media, and media relations.
She is a digital enthusiast; likes to keep herself in the beta mode – learning and evolving around the digital world.

Loveneet Sharma

Head, Business Development

Loveneet leads the daily operations at Centilytics, including business development and global sales team. He is responsible for executing strategic and customer-centric opportunities to drive ever-increasing business growth. He is passionate about people, food, and really efficient processes.

Kushagra Sahni

Innovation Expert

Kushagra holds an interesting role in our engineering team where he is responsible for innovation, implementation and product augmentation. He is well-versed in the research & development area and resembles a bot for his strong analytical skills.

Shubham Khatri

Senior Software Engineer

Shubham Khatri leads the company's technology ecosystem and builds solutions tailored to our customer needs, globally. Leveraging emerging technologies and establishing architectural foundations, he brings the newest innovations in operation.
In his leisure time, he likes to indulge himself in gaming and crack up their codes.


Centilytics is proud to be backed by successful and well-renowned industrialists. We would like to thank them for their belief and continued support for us.

Prateek Garg

CEO - Progressive Infotech

Prateek is an entrepreneur and IT business strategist with a career spanning over 25 years. With a vision of building a company that has a sustainable business model and best corporate governance, he laid the foundation of Progressive Infotech in 1998 which has today risen to be a $ 10 million company under his leadership.

Dr. T. R. Madan Mohan

Independent Director

Dr. Mohan is a Managing Partner at Browne & Mohan. Previously he was Director (Consulting), ICT Practice, South Asia & Middle East at Frost & Sullivan. He has also been a member of Board of Directors of various organizations and worked as a Professor with a number of prestigious institutions.

Dr. T. R. Madan Mohan

Independent Director

Dr. Mohan is a Managing Partner at Browne & Mohan. Previously he was Director (Consulting), ICT Practice, South Asia & Middle East at Frost & Sullivan. He has also been a member of Board of Directors of various organizations and worked as a Professor with a number of prestigious institutions.