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Having a high-resolution lens that gives you complete and granular visibility into your ever-changing cost and usage of the Cloud is the cornerstone of making cost-efficient decisions. Knowing how to control your cloud costs becomes very easy when the right data comes together in a single dashboard. With Centilytics, you can govern, analyze, and optimize all your cloud spends in one sweet format. It is an easy-to-use SaaS platform that builds a meaningful picture of all your cloud expenses and breaks down the complex cloud billing into actionable insights.




Building a large scale application like Centilytics takes a lot of time & funding. However, Centilytics was developed by a four-person core team in approximately four months. This was possible only because of the belief & dedication shared by all the team members. Centilytics started with a team but now has a family that shares a really strong bond which continues to drive us to do better and take this application to the highest levels.

CEO & Chief Architect

Aditya is the CEO & Chief Architect at Centilytics with an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech, Aditya is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at Stanford. Between Centilytics and studies, he likes to hang out with friends and catch the latest movies.

Global Marketing & Strategy

Najmul is responsible for driving the global marketing & strategy for Centilytics. He is a digital enthusiast, learning & growing around the digital world. He is an MBA from FORE School of Mgmt., New Delhi (India). Minimalistic design, good aesthetics & innovative ideas give him a rush.

Product Manager

Shruti is the product manager at Centilytics where she is responsible for product development, maintaining customer relations and value creation. She is a dynamic leader that brings great enthusiasm & energy into the team. She likes reading and traveling to new places.

Project Manager

Henry is the Project Manager at Centilytics. Passionate about scalable architectures and big data analysis, He currently leads a team of software engineers and is well versed with project scoping, planning and estimation. He has knack for problem solving and understanding emerging technologies.


Centilytics is proud to be backed by a successful and well-renowned industrialist. We would like to thank him for his belief and continued support for us.

Managing Partner at Browne & Mohan

Dr. Mohan is a Managing Partner at Browne & Mohan. Previously he was Director (Consulting), ICT Practice, South Asia & Middle East at Frost & Sullivan. He has also been a member of Board of Directors of various organizations and worked as a Professor with a number of prestigious institutions.

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